Yehuda Shinar Biography

Yehuda’s research and development of the Winning Theory and the subsequent development of the Winning Model derived from a deep desire to share such beneficial and practical information about what makes a winner with as many people as possible.

His profound knowledge of the world and the mind set of winners is due to over 20 years of studying and investigating their lifestyle, their way of thinking and decision making, their work style – and their overall self management mechanisms. This eventually led Yehuda to understand what really underlies the winners’ outstanding achievement orientation and their ceaseless aspiration for improvement, which results in what often seems to be a heroic optimization of their personal capabilities.

However, according to Yehuda, this amazing life project has taught him the most important thing of all: Anyone can do it! Many people might regard this statement with a certain degree of cynicism and skepticism … especially those who insist on attributing superhuman powers to the winners, in stereotypes that nearly always begin with adjectives full of admiration [and a certain envy, perhaps…] such as ‘very’ ‘super’ and the like.

As far as Yehuda’s work is concerned, the truth is completely different. First and foremost, winners are flesh and blood, just like everyone else! And, under certain conditions they might/tend to sweat just like everyone else… and so Yehuda’s vision in this very specific context, is to help as many people as possible internalize this essential and highly beneficial insight. The fact that ‘anyone can do it’ is his sincere message to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, believe and act.

And that’s the point! Winners are those people who, at the end of the day, are prepared to respond, to initiate, to “act’… even when they are pressured, concerned, afraid, reluctant – just like everyone else. But life is like a game of billiards: when it comes down to it, in order for the ball to get into the right pocket, it is not enough to wish, to desire and to dream – you have to engage in the simple act of actually picking up the cue!

The bottom line is that over and above all the theories, Yehuda’s Winning Enterprises Ltd. (“Winning”) has been part of many “miracles” that have become magical stories of success just because Winning’s partners in this Winning voyage were sportsmen, managers, teams and organizations who all believed in the most important thing: their rights and their duties to themselves, to once and for all stop being apologetic and to position themselves on the winning side.

A typical example for this is Winning’s key contribution to England’s greatest sport achievement of all time – winning the rugby world cup in 2003. This led to Clive Woodward, the team manger and head coach, receiving his Knighthood from Her Majesty the Queen of England.

Ever since, Winning has been and still is intensively involved in identifying and generating winners in both the highest level of the professional sports as well as the business world. Just as examples, Yehuda and Winning helped Maccabi Tel Aviv football club qualify for the UEFA Champions for the first time ever in all of their 100 years history. Yehuda then helped Blackburn Rover football academy win the National Academy League in the 2005 season, followed by various Winning’s projects with the UK SPORT, and with the Scottish swimmers who made it to the Beijing Olympics.

As to the business world, Yehuda is also intensively involved in lecturing and fostering winning strategies to organizations within Israel and abroad, including the Israeli Future Leadership Institute, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Scottish Institute of Sport, Capital Radio, Nat West, Marks & Spencer Money, IHG [a huge hotels management global network], Penton Communication etc.

In all of Winning seminars and training programs, Yehuda put the main focus on teaching and practicing his trainees in what winners are the best at: Becoming their own winning coaches! That’s the greatest secret behind the winners second to none success rate.