Tori Hartman Biography

Tori Hartman, founder of Tori Hartman, Inc. and gifted psychic, was born and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village during the 1960s. The environment in The Village at the time was “anything goes,” and little by way of self-expression was questioned. Creativity included love beads, astrology and the Beatnik scene at the White Tavern. Tori’s mother was a playwright and antique dealer, and her father was a war veteran and actor.

Tori remembers life in Greenwich Village as a favorite time when she and her mother lunched with one neighbor, renowned chef, James Beard, then shared afternoon tea with another, the poet, ee cummings.

Tori’s parents discovered her strange visions one summer evening during a party at their country home. When her mother asked the then 8-year-old to go inside and get something from the kitchen, Tori casually said no, because she didn’t want Mrs. Bulmer telling her what to do.

Her mother was stunned. Before the Hartmans had bought and remodeled their home, it had been owned by the Bulmers-all of whom were long deceased.

Tori had no way of knowing this but recalls, “I’ve always had spirits speaking to me, and I learned early on not to make that information too public. In some circles, like the Tavern, people liked it and would ask me questions. But in other places, like church, it was blasphemy. I straddled the fence between two worlds.” Her mother, an astrologer, understood and supported the gift, but ultimately, alcoholism blocked the spiritual connection that Tori and her mother might have shared.

When thinking about her deeply troubled mom, Tori says, “Life taught me that the deep wounds inflicted upon some of us as children are the Spirits’ way of leaving us open to receive messages. We are given the gift to use our wounds to assist others in their healing.” Tori understands her work to be about empowering people to connect with Source and fulfill their Divine potential. She is a firm believer that when we take a leap of faith, the Universe catches us.

Tori guarantees, “The door you enter through will not be the door from which you exit.”


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