Testimonials for Stacey Stern

From Coaching and Consulting Clients


Working with Stacey Stern is life-altering. Through her vast and varied professional and personal experience and knowledge, Stacey brings so much to the collaborative coaching relationship and does so with heart and humor. With passion, commitment, and kindness, she quickly helped me see ways through my enduring obstacles and guided me to possibilities that I never even considered for myself. I felt fully supported and cared for from our first session, and in a few months I couldn’t believe how much we accomplished. I also looked forward to each of our sessions and enjoyed the process! Stacey put my life on a new trajectory, and I am forever grateful. Working with Stacey is truly a gift. She is one of a kind. Don’t hesitate!”
JOSHUA GLAZER, Skadden, New York, NY

Stacey has a rare and powerful blend of skills that make working with her a privilege. She is warm, intuitive, and insightful. And she really understood ME right away and how to reflect my unique essence into my business and messaging. She is a true connector of dots! At the same time, she is professional, diligent, and amazing at her craft. The quality of her work and strong work ethic enabled the process to move forward with a swiftness and excellence that I appreciated. Stacey’s partnership made all the difference in moving me out of a stuck place and into one of flow and clarity.
 AMY REICHLIN, Founder, Amy Reichlin Consulting, Boulder, CO

Stacey is a terrific coach and excellent communicator. I was amazed by her insights as well as her ability to approach things from multiple, fresh perspectives. She is so present and compassionate, and our work together produced results that greatly exceeded my expectations of what was possible.
— GREG THOMAS, CEO, SpaceNews, Ferndale, WA

“Stacey is amazing. She is so present, so prepared, so natural in her ability to bring out the best from those with whom she works. She truly has a gift.”

 SHELLEY KAPPEL, Dialogue Partner and Lifestyle Coach, Boulder, CO

“Stacey, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am forever grateful for being introduced to you and having the great pleasure and privilege to work with you.
JUDY HOBERMAN, President, Selling In a Skirt, Dallas, Texas

Stacey’s work has been superb and exceeded my expectations by far. She provides outstanding professional insight and exceptional guidance at every step in the process.”

 RICHARD BURGUNDER, Founder and Managing Director, Kurjak, Cheyenne, WY

From Clients with whom I Have Written Books about Life and Leadership and Spiritual Wisdom

I offer heartfelt gratitude to Stacey Stern for working with me so skillfully and joyfully to bring Sitting on the Toolbox: Buddha’s Wisdom for a Joyful Life into the world. … Throughout our collaboration, Stacey quickly understood what I wanted to convey and was able to capture my voice and my experiences. One of the best things about Stacey is that she can deeply feel someone’s heart. I believe that means her heart is pure, genuine, and practical.”
— VENERABLE BHANTE SUJATHA, Founder and Spiritual Director of Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Author, Sitting on the Toolbox: Buddha’s Wisdom for a Joyful Life 

This book would never have seen the light of day without my coauthor and editor Stacey Stern. When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told I had just a few weeks left to live, I hadn’t even begun writing the third act of this book. Stacey asked me, “If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see happen with your book?” When I told her that I wanted it to be finished and released, she said we’d figure out a way to make it happen. I started going through old stories, poems, and journal entries, and I handed them over to her. Thank you, Stacey, for making my lifelong dream a reality.
— ELIANA BERLFEIN (1954-2019), Author, The Agony of Freedom: How I lost myself in a cult, rebuilt my life, and faced my death with peace

“This book would not have happened without my coauthor and editor Stacey Stern. … Stacey made sure that what I wanted from this book was and is exactly what I wanted AND so much more. She is my compass. … You always hear, ‘Be careful what you wish for since it might come true.’ I wished for someone who would help me deliver something that authentically captures me. To my delight, Stacey appeared.
— JUDY HOBERMAN, Author, Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead

An abundance of gratitude to my editor and mentor Stacey Stern for believing in me and for taking on my memoir in its infancy. Stacey, you turned my dream into a reality, and I am forever grateful.”  
JENNIFER BURMAN, Author, A Widow’s Walk: Life Before and After My Husband Went to Prison

I hired Stacey to work with me on my last two books and am eternally grateful for her extraordinary guidance to go deeper, clearer, and stronger with my message. Her insightful questions encouraged me to delve further into the essence of my truth. The results added tremendous value for both my readers and me. Stacey excels at bringing out the best in writers and in their writing. I look forward to working with her again.”
— MARIAN HEAD, Author, Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth and Gratitude Journal For A Healthy Marriage

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