You can choose from several partnership packages to advertise your products, services, programs, company, or organization on The Stacey Stern Show ~ Enriching You.

In addition to audio advertising in the form of a commercial spot played during my show, you can opt to advertise through a linkable banner ad, eCards, and/or through video streaming on my VoiceAmerica™ host page.

With live and on demand streaming, VoiceAmerica™ delivers the entertainment value of conventional radio, only more readily and with the multiple points of presence that the Internet provides. Internet radio is proven to attract a highly favorable demographic that is very tech savvy and comfortable spending online, making it a prime outlet for advertisers.

Online listeners of live and on demand media account for 42% of online spending.

Enjoy these benefits of your corporate partnership:

Quality Audience: With VoiceAmerica™’s on demand access to niche content, the audience does not passively listen to a show but instead tunes in to specific programs of interest. This ensures that a sponsor’s message reaches its intended recipients.

Low Spot Load = High Attention Level: On broadcast radio your spot might end up buried as the 10th spot in a 12-spot break. At VoiceAmerica™, your spot may be the ONLY commercial spot in the break, so it is far more likely to be heard and acted upon.

Extended Value Through On Demand Library: All of my shows are archived in the on demand library on my branded VoiceAmerica™ web page. Your commercials remain in my archived shows and can be accessed by listeners at any time.

Extended Value Through iTunes Syndication: My shows are syndicated through iTunes as an additional distribution channel. When listeners download a show, they also will be downloading the advertising that ran during that show.

Accompanying Visuals: Your company’s logo can be displayed continuously during programming. This ability to display a visual image is a feature that broadcast radio cannot offer.

Website Link: Since Internet radio listeners often are sitting in front of a computer with a browser window open while they listen to your 30 seconds of persuasive audio, they are perhaps the easiest consumers in the world to entice to your website!

For more information, including rates and parthnership options, click here for Sponsorship Opportunities (PDF).

To connect with me directly about sponsoring my show, please click on Contact. I look forward to hearing from you!

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