snapshot of stacey stern

I love working with inspired change makers. I help people tap into and articulate the clearest, truest vision of themselves and their organizations.

After beginning my career in publishing, I raised millions of dollars while running the corporate and foundation fundraising programs for People For the American Way, a constitutional liberties organization based in Washington, DC, and The Nature Conservancy in Colorado.

In 2005 I launched Stacey Stern Consulting, with a focus on socially-responsible businesses. For more than a dozen years, I have been delivering strategic communications, marketing, and business development to businesses and non-profit organizations. I also have edited and/or collaboratively written several non-fiction books.

In 2011 I had the great pleasure of creating and hosting The Stacey Stern Show ~ Enriching You, a radio show about passion and joy in work and life. Through lively interviews and intimate conversations, I connected listeners worldwide with men and women who make great things happen in film, books, media, business, and social action.

Whether I was interviewing an Academy Award-winning filmmaker, New York Times bestselling author, spiritual luminary, or business leader, we dove deep into what matters to and inspires them.

I bring the same enthusiasm and curiosity to each organization and everyone with whom I work. I guide my clients to clarity, focus, and forward momentum through purposeful questions, dynamic conversations, and honest, insightful counsel.

Trained in TM (Transcendental Meditation) at the age of eleven, I have spent a decent amount of time practicing mindfulness and continue to do so.

As a proud Duke alum, I am active in Duke’s Global Entrepreneurship Network and Duke Women’s Forum. In recent years, I’ve completed courses in Motivational Interviewing and received certificates in “Innovation Facilitation: Igniting Creativity in Companies,” “Cultivating Group Genius: Advanced Practice,” and Transcendental Reiki Levels 1-3.

More high energy than “Zen” personality-wise, I am authentic to the core and bring my heart, mind, and integrity wherever I go.