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Or at least your corner of it, by doing what you do best and reaching those who need it.

But you lack clarity on how to communicate your brand, your special sauce, what sets you apart from the competition.

You want to continue to grow a healthy, profitable business that makes a positive difference in the world.

You want an abundance of terrific clients who are thrilled they discovered your products and services.

You don’t want to sell out by adopting online marketing or social media practices that don’t appeal to you, or that don’t feel true to your brand.

Your current customers are loyal, but there aren’t enough of them. Longtime revenue sources may be on the decline due to shifts in your industry and the competition. Or perhaps you’re ready to expand or alter your offerings.

You aren’t quite sure what to do differently, but you know you don’t want to lower your prices to compete.

You wonder if you need to pivot in response to changes in the marketplace. When you experimented with the latest, trendiest marketing approaches, they failed to attract the people you want to serve.

Well, here’s the thing about sales and marketing tactics. They are merely tools. Tools to execute strategy. You can try all the tactics you want (or don’t want), but they will not ultimately deliver if you don’t have a solid strategy.


Having a clear sense of your business vision, mission, and goals—and knowing how to communicate them—is where it all begins.

With so many people fed up with information overload, clickbait, and hype (aren’t you tired of this?), there’s a hunger for authentic connection. But to meaningfully connect on an emotional level with our clients, we need to understand the essence of our business and why what we do is unique. Then we must skillfully communicate it.

This is great news. As our customers become even more discerning about where to invest their energy, time, and money, it presents fresh opportunities for us as business owners.

Opportunities like going deep and being thoughtful, real, and present. Questioning assumptions. Considering new paths.

These opportunities or challenges (it’s a matter of perspective) are more enjoyable and rewarding to navigate with the support of an experienced guide.

Perhaps you’ve hired branding, marketing, public relations, or business consultants in the past, who promised personalized attention but then provided a formulaic approach.


Because I am wired to personalize and customize, I accept only as many clients as I can serve in this way.

Showing up fully is my nature and personality, and it brings me joy.

For more than a dozen years, I have been consulting for and coaching business owners in strategic planning, business development, and communications. Extensive knowledge of personal and professional development inform my approach, as do my experience, intuition, and innate blend of right-brain/left-brain strengths.

I combine intellectual rigor with emotional intelligence for better communication.


Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, especially when it comes to your own business.

Urgent demands of running a business (or managing your role in it) can take you away from your own knowing about what makes your business unique and what your customers desire.

Wants and needs change—yours, as well as those of your market—so it’s important that your vision and mission are vital, living entities. I love facilitating this for my clients.

Through meaningful questions, patient listening, and expert guidance, I help you establish a vibrant, new sense of your business and brand. Then we develop an effective communication strategy designed for the people you want to reach.


Knowing where you are now is instrumental in charting an intelligent course forward.

That is why I begin with a communication audit.

I send a tailored communication assessment to all employees. This survey covers valuable questions about them, the business as they see it, and the company’s internal and external communications. Depending on your business type and structure, it also may be valuable for me to craft and send customized assessments to some of your main clients, contractors, or other partners.

Once I receive and analyze the results, I conduct one-on-one, 30-minute interviews in person, by phone, or virtually, with a few people at the company.

I write and deliver a report with recommendations.

After you and your colleagues have had a chance to digest the report and recommendations, we meet to go over it in detail and discuss implementation.

Depending on your company’s current situation in terms of employees, a creative team, etc., you may already have the internal capacity to act on many, if not all, of the recommendations.

I will offer suggestions as to how you can best utilize your current available resources, as well as how you can build internal capacity with relative ease.

Further, I will let you know where and how I, or others, can help you as desired. You are free to decide if you feel complete and ready to take it from there—or if you’d like to continue working together through a customized communication consulting package.



If you opt to continue collaborating on specific recommendations from your communication audit, we will come up with a clear scope of work.

I will personally customize your communication consulting package to meet the unique needs of your business.



As someone who has worked with many solopreneurs, and as one myself 🙂 I am intimately familiar with the unique challenges of this chosen path. Particularly when the time comes to shift, pivot, or completely reinvent.

For those of us who have been in the trenches as an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, coach, or freelancer for a decade or two or three or more, we have experienced significant changes in our professions, and with our target markets, client preferences, and the nature of the “competition.”

Fluctuations in the economy and the rise of the digital world require us to continually refine our offerings. Sometimes that growth is welcome and fulfilling; other times, not so much.

It’s natural to occasionally arrive at a juncture when it’s time for a deep check-in. What might begin as a quiet knowing that we no longer are as excited by our work as we used to be, grows louder over time.

You wonder if you have to engage in marketing or social media in ways that don’t feel good or fill you with dread. You don’t.  

So what do you do if longstanding revenue sources are dwindling? First, you go inside and reassess. Then you seize this opportunity to grow, stretch, go bigger, and go truer. Become as excellent, fired up, and successful as you deserve to be! Isn’t it time to honor yourself and become as big as you’re meant to be? If not now, when?

e e cummings had it right when he wrote, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” Sometimes it also takes a kick in the butt or the wallet or both.

Maybe you don’t know how to begin. Or perhaps you have a few ideas but aren’t sure how to implement them, or you fear they won’t generate the income you desire and deserve.

I get you. I‘ve been there. And I’m here to help. Part savvy business consultant, part intuitive coach, I ask important questions that require you to think, feel, and show up. I listen deeply and respond in kind as I guide you through an honest assessment of where you are and where you want to be.

Together we create a business vision and communication strategy that builds on your strengths.

Stacey’s work has been superb and exceeded my expectations by far. She not only completely rebranded my material in a decisive and convincing way, but she also provided outstanding professional insight and exceptional guidance at every step in the process.”

RICHARD BURGUNDER, Professional Extreme Athlete, Founder and Manager, Kurjax

I love how you tightened up and made more concise what I wrote. You kept the soul but made it more readable and, in fact, interesting to the public. Absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you.”

— DOUG BROWN, Investor, Philanthropist

“Stacey is amazing. She is so present, so prepared, so natural in her ability to bring out the best from those with whom she works. She truly has a gift.”

SHELLEY KAPPEL, Dialogue Partner and Professional Coach to Entrepreneurs

Stacey, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for re-crafting my TEDx Talk to make it as powerful as it was … I am forever grateful for being introduced to you and having the great pleasure and privilege to work with you.”
JUDY HOBERMAN, President, Selling In a Skirt

I hired Stacey to edit my keynote speeches, promotional videos, and business outreach. She does an awesome job. She has helped me get in front of more US audiences, which was my goal … and she provided valuable guidance and insight on marketing. Stacey is 360-degree support!”

MICHAEL WIGGE, Professional Speaker, Life Coach, Author