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A natural connector and collaborator, I believe our best work and greatest professional satisfaction come from tapping into our unique strengths and working with others who are likewise empowered. I love engaging with clients at the intersection of personal and professional development.

I do this as an editor, author coach, and book consultant. Having begun my career in publishing, over the past thirty years, I have written and/or edited books, articles, websites, blogs, proposals, and programs on social issues, health and wellness, relationships, psychology, spirituality, personal growth, and professional development. I specialize in non-fiction and have a soft spot for memoirs.

I work with authors at all stages in the writing process and at every level of experience. Whether you are contemplating your first book, have written an e-book or two that you’d like to polish for print, or are a well-known, prolific author, I’ll create with you a fun, rich, productive author-editor relationship. My business model is simple and inherently flexible. I’ll customize our engagement to meet your needs, providing the exact services and level of support you desire.

I am passionate about evoking your best thinking and writing. (This is where the author coaching component naturally comes in.) I’ll ask deep questions, provide generous feedback, and skillfully guide you throughout our work together. I am honest, insightful, direct, caring, and conscientious.

description of services

Book Consulting

I meet you where you are in terms of what you’ve written or are considering. Maybe you haven’t yet typed a word, but you have ideas you want to explore. Perhaps you have a partial or complete draft manuscript that you aren’t sure how to move forward. Is it worthwhile to invest the time and resources to turn it into a book? If not, what else might you do with it? Given the rapidly changing world of publishing, you may want to better understand your options regarding self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, or going the e-book vs. the print book route.

Editorial Offerings

You can opt for all or modified versions of the following:

Editorial Assessment. I do a general overview of your manuscript and provide constructive comments in the margins. I identify your book’s strengths and areas for improvement. I also do a sample edit of a portion of your work (typically the first chapter). Rather than a full manuscript edit, this is a preliminary diagnostic tool to inform your next steps.

Developmental Edit. While an editorial assessment jumpstarts the process, it is not a prerequisite. If you are ready to dive in with a full manuscript edit, we can start here (in which case I seamlessly incorporate the editorial assessment). I do a comprehensive, high-level review of your manuscript at the book, chapter, and paragraph levels, assessing structure and flow. Do you have an introduction or preface that provides the reader with an overview of your book or story, why it matters, and what you hope the reader will gain from your book? Do you begin with a strong first chapter that pulls the reader in? How well do your chapters hang together? What material “drags,” is repetitive or tangential, and could be condensed or eliminated? Are the themes fully developed? Is anything missing? Are your content and tone aligned with and relatable to your target audience? Is the conclusion satisfying?

Content Edit. I review your manuscript line by line. Blending copyediting and line editing, I evaluate your writing for meaning, clarity, depth, voice, diction (word choice), and flow. I also correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your text is further refined and tightened at this stage. Additional questions likely will emerge as we look more carefully and thoughtfully at specific references and passages. To nurture and build upon the evolution of your book as we go, I typically flow edited sections back and forth throughout the content edit. This is a more collaborative, responsive process than doing a full content edit in a vacuum and presenting it as a fait accompli.

Quality Review. Once you complete your review of the content edit and send me the updated version of your manuscript, I perform a quality review. You have two options here. In option one, I specifically check the revisions you made to the manuscript in response to the content edit, and I copyedit new language and eliminate errors that may have been introduced. In option two, I do this as well as a final review of your entire manuscript from start to finish to catch and remedy stray errors and inconsistencies. We can discuss which option will best serve you and the role of proofreading.

Throughout all phases of the process, I edit in accordance with the industry-standard Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition while also honoring the unique DNA of your book. I am committed to delivering the lowest possible margin of error in each completed edit. (Industry standard is no more than three percent of the total errors found.) After your book has been formatted and set into type, it is important to have the book proofread. This final step by another pair of eyes should pick up any stray typos as well as errors that are inevitably introduced during formatting.

Beyond Books. I also edit websites, blogs, marketing materials, proposals, reports, and more.

exploring possibilities

Whether your text is rough and needs lots of TLC or it’s highly polished and ready for a fresh set of intelligent eyes, be in touch. Feel free to contact me if you have a book in the idea stage and have yet to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. We can work together to develop your book from concept to completion. Connect.