Owen Marcus Biography

Owen Marcus began discovering what it was to be a man as he began healing his Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia in the mid 1970s. He finally realized that all men struggle with being a man. He wasn’t the only one who felt unworthy to call himself a man.

As men we aren’t bad or broken, we were just never taught how to be a man. After working with thousands of clients, students and men’s group members, Owen learned not only how to be a man; he learned how to help other men do the same.

Owen’s book, Grow Up, Guys: Your 9-Step Path to Releasing the Remarkable Man Inside You, takes the reader through the stages of development to being a Remarkable Man. The parts of our development that we weren’t taught, or had modeled for us, are like gaps in the foundation of our house, always weakening what is built upon it.

Owen also co-founded Men Corps, a nonprofit to teach men how to run their own free men’s groups. It is his belief that as men we can teach ourselves what we didn’t get to learn. We don’t need therapy; we can teach each other how to be men.


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