Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

“The colorful textures of our personal stories comprise the brilliant tapestry of our lives.” Teaching others how to capture and arrange them for sharing in creative ways has become the story-filled journey of international poet, writer and speaker, Mozella Perry Ademiluyi, who encourages us to share the ancient practice of storytelling to create positive change within our personal and professional lives.  She also teaches us how to “discover the real power in the underlying lessons of our stories.”

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in celebration of her 50th birthday, Mozella published her book “Love is a Mountain” that also captures her fond memories of growing up in the exquisite East African mountain regions of Uganda and Kenya, embraced by the warmth of a lively family environment that not only revered story telling but also encouraged story making. She tells us that “by aligning ourselves with the natural world, we facilitate deeper conversations with our self and others.”

Following personal epiphanies, Mozella was compelled to establish Love Is A Mountain, LLC, in order to inspire like-minded souls to “discover their voices and share their stories.” A woman of enormous compassion, boundless energy, and creative vision, she is passionate about making an intentional contribution to the enrichment of our 21st century world by enabling us to share our life stories as a means to enlighten and transform our global village.

Mozella is a respected social entrepreneur, philanthropist, attorney and mountain hiker who has traveled extensively, from excursions to majestic peaks in Peru and Morocco, to seasonal retreats in the scenic mountains of Western Maryland and Shenandoah.  These experiences have enriched her with an enduring respect for the seasonal influences of our natural environment as a guide to personal growth, development and self-expression.  Her motivational storytelling workshops are known nationally and internationally. To the constant delight of her audiences and fellow travelers, Mozella always includes unique wellness experiences to nourish mind, body, and spirit.

Mozella also founded Rising Sun Cultural and Educational Programs; a small non-profit organization that conducts a dynamic project for youth entitled The Wealth Club®. Rising Sun Programs’ fundamental theory is that the well-being of our youth is based upon development of five interconnected “pillars” which nurture emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and financial growth that is both family-based and community-focused. To be effective, the youth’s education must be supported by family members, guardians or adult volunteers who believe that making a contribution to the well-being of family and community is the key to becoming a successful and responsible adult.

Having obtained her undergraduate and law degrees at Howard University in Washington, DC, Mozella is a member of the Bars of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and is licensed to practice before the United States Court of International Trade.  She serves on the boards of the Greater Washington Jump$tart Coalition and The Community Foundation for Montgomery County.  She and her husband Adegboyega established their family fund with The Community Foundation in 2008.

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