Kind Words

With thanks to my clients for their kind words of appreciation.

Stacey has a rare and powerful blend of skills that make working with her a privilege. She is warm, intuitive, and insightful. And, she really understood ME right away and how to reflect my unique essence into my business and messaging. She is a true connector of dots! At the same time, she is professional, diligent, and amazing at her craft. The quality of her work and strong work ethic enabled the process to move forward with a swiftness and excellence that I appreciated. Stacey’s partnership made all the difference in moving me out of a stuck place and into one of flow and clarity. Thank you, Stacey!
— Amy Reichlin, Director of Leadership Development and Training, Amy Reichlin Consulting

I hired Stacey to edit my last two books and am eternally grateful for her extraordinary guidance to go deeper, clearer, and stronger with my message. Her insightful questions encouraged me to delve further into the essence of my truth. The results added tremendous value for both my readers and me. I dubbed Stacey the ‘Evocative Editor’ because she excels at bringing out the best in writers and their writing. I look forward to working with her again.
— Marian Head, Author, Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peach on Earth and Gratitude Journal For A Healthy Marriage

Stacey, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for re-crafting my TEDx Talk to make it as powerful as it was … I am forever grateful for being introduced to you and having the great pleasure and privilege to work with you.
— Judy Hoberman, President, Selling In a Skirt

I hired Stacey to edit my keynote speeches, promotional videos, and business outreach. She does an awesome job. She has helped me get in front of more US audiences, which was my goal. Her work has been especially helpful since English is my second language. Stacey perfectly corrects grammar, spelling, and content—and she provides valuable guidance and insight on marketing. Stacey is 360-degree support!
— Michael Wigge, Professional Speaker, Life Coach, Author

Stacey’s work has been superb and exceeded my expectations by far. She not only completely rebranded my material in a decisive and convincing way, but she also provided outstanding professional insight and exceptional guidance at every step in the process.
— Richard Burgunder, Professional Extreme Athlete, Founder and Manager, Kurjax

When I hired Stacey to edit my self-publishing guide, all I expected her to do was to correct mistakes and improve the language a little. What I received was much more than that. She offered insights in the subject at hand, tips on how to improve the business model, and really made the writing come to life!
— Rabbi Eliyahu Miller, Publisher and General Editor, JewishSelfPublishing

Thank you, Stacey, for a wonderful, expert interview. One of the best I’ve had.
— Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Futurist, Author

Thank you, Stacey, for being such a gracious interviewer, and for asking such deep and important questions … you have such great vitality and vibrancy of spirit.
— Noelle Oxenhandler, Author, The Wishing Year

Thank you for our show. It was just wonderful … I look forward to our future collaborations and am grateful to you for making this channel of sharing open.
— Daphne Rose Kingma, Author, Relationship Expert

Stacey is amazing. She is so present, so prepared, so natural in her ability to bring out the best from those with whom she works. She truly has a gift.
— Shelley Kappel, Dialogue Partner and Professional Coach to Entrepreneurs