Joan Jacobs Biography

Joan Jacobs is a holistic healer, teacher, program developer, international speaker, and author.  Her clinical expertise is awakening and activating the body’s energy system causing it to shift, provoking physiological changes needed to accommodate the new energy vibration. This process is supported by identifying and addressing specific mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns associated with disease at their core energetic level, promoting new ways of dealing with and experiencing oneself and one’s life.

Joan teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Leo and Matilda Recanati School of Community Health Professions at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and for the School of Continuing Education For The Medical Professions BGU. She has held senior teaching, program coordinating, and directing positions at leading schools of complementary medicine in Israel. Joan has developed some of the leading certification study programs for holistic healers in Israel and has personally trained numerous clinical practitioners in the Bach Flower Method and other body-mind modalities.

Joan developed a Holistic back-to-life program for breast cancer survivors which she instructed at the Breast Health Center at the Soroka University Medical Center, Israel for four years. She also instructed programs at Maagan House- A house for cancer patients and survivors directed and supervised by The Department of Community Health, the Ben Gurion University. These programs introduced survivors to inner resources of healing by exploring and modifying emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in their lives.

Joan has developed unique applications of holistic approaches in the field of human relations and inter-personal communications in the work place and has worked with some of Israel’s leading companies, hospitals, and educational staff such as the Dead Sea Works, Teva Pharmaceutical industries, Rotem Amfert, the Tel-Aviv Sorasky medical center and others.

Joan teaches courses in women’s empowerment and women’s health issues and has also developed and instructed programs for substance abuse victims and prison inmates.

In 2010 she created The Light Within healing and transformational work with the intention to provide reliable professional knowledge and tools for people to heal their lives worldwide.

The Light Within Workshop Program– A unique and powerful journey of healing and personal transformation that creates real and tangible paradigm shifts by awakening and activating information held within the body’s anatomical structures and by integrating new ways of addressing emotions.

The book-
Messages From The Soul is a comprehensive guide to the three main principles of holistic healing; Holism, The vital force and the principles of self- evolvement and ways to apply these principles in everyday life. It introduces new ways of addressing the body’s language of symptoms and demonstrates that health conditions can be life-changing opportunities for profound personal transformation.

The Light Within – Awakening The Inner Healer Radio Show– The Light Within presents and discusses holistic approaches and methods of healing. Topics include Holistic theory and philosophy, principles of holistic healing, research in the field of body-mind connections, interviews with top professionals in the field, and personal healing testimonies.

Joan’s work is inspired by body-mind masters such as Dr. Edward Bach and Dr. Hahnemann, but mainly by 25 years of ongoing clinical and teaching experience together with her personal experience applying the approaches and tools she teaches to address a health condition of her own.


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