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The Stacey Stern Show ~ Enriching You is about Passion and Joy in Work and Life.

It is also about ENRICHING YOU through fabulous guests, great content, open and honest conversations, thought-provoking shows, and gifts that supplement our radio show episodes.

I connect with my guests to come up with rich materials to share with you — my wonderful listeners.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has generously made available for listeners of The Stacey Stern Show ~Enriching You this 20 minute Evolutionary Chakra Meditation.

This special meditation is one of three meditations on a CD contained in Barbara’s just-released Evolutionary Communion Guidebook: The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution. These meditations are designed to allow the process of creation to awaken our own evolutionary potential and deepen within us the Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution.

Conscious Evolution resides within the heart of each of us. It is experienced as the very force of creation arising as our own unique creativity, urging us to do more, to be more, to participate more fully in the healing and evolving of our world. It is our destiny to co-create. All we need to do is say YES!



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