Stacey Stern Consulting Ghostwriter


You would love to create a book you are proud of—whether it’s to fulfill a personal goal or passion project, leverage your professional credibility, grow your business, or create a legacy. Maybe you’ve considered hiring a writing coach, writing partner, editor, or ghostwriter, but you aren’t sure where to find the right person. And you know that finding the right person is essential.

You’re frustrated because you’ve wanted to do this book for quite a while now, but you don’t have the time or the writing acumen (or both) to create the caliber of book you envision. You realize that being a gifted speaker, practitioner, or expert in your field hasn’t necessarily equipped you with the knowledge of how to develop, structure, and write a compelling book.

You have lots of ideas but don’t know which ones are book-worthy. And while you have no shortage of content, you wouldn’t know how to sort through it even if you did have the time, which you don’t.

You haven’t yet put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in a significant way, and you fear your book will never get written.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if someone else—an experienced writer you can trust, who is knowledgeable about the subject and also fun to work with—could extract your wisdom and magically (or at least methodically, diligently, and with great care) turn it into a book that makes you want to jump for joy?


During the same week, each one of these three very different clients of mine thanked me for capturing their unique voice. That made me want to jump for joy.

I love when clients tell me I captured their voice—and that it sounds better than ever.

This is what I strive to do for every person with whom I have the pleasure of ghostwriting or coauthoring a book.

My background as a radio show host and interviewer helps, as does my insatiable curiosity and my interest in people and what inspires them. I tend to work on books on subjects about which I already have substantive familiarity. I like to bring valuable insight and perspective to the table, even before I do additional research.


Each relationship is uniquely forged.

While other professional writers or coauthors may approach this differently than I do, here’s what you can expect from me.

We get to know one another as we take a close look at your hopes and dreams for your book. I’ll give you honest feedback every step of the way. Since chemistry is key, we’ll both assess whether or not working together feels like a fit.

If we agree that it is, and you don’t already have a clear structure for your book and a process for writing it, I can develop this with or for you. In fact, I will do much of the heavy lifting as I manage the process and optimize your time. You can do as much or as little of the writing as you desire.

My clients who enjoy writing yet know all too well how lonely and isolating it can be, are thrilled to have a skilled partner who is not only in the trenches with them, but who also provides a continual source of creative input and feedback.

Others prefer to essentially “talk their book” through guided conversations with me. One client, for whom English is his third language, has requested I do 100% of the writing and editing throughout our collaboration.

He is a gifted storyteller and a font of wisdom. We have rich, stimulating conversations. Then he reviews what I write and provides his feedback orally. It’s a joy for him to see how our discussions are being transformed into the book he’s dreamed of writing for years.


I began my career in publishing and have been writing and editing professionally for thirty years. I was a book editor and author coach before I began coauthoring nonfiction books.

Prior to that, I created and hosted a radio show about passion and joy in work and life.

Through live, hour-long interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, award-winning filmmakers, business leaders, and spiritual teachers, I learned so much about how they made great things happen.

Imagine what we can uncover about you and your wisdom with the luxury of more time. I will listen intently as we excavate your truths and challenge your assumptions. You will grow as a writer while being inspired and having fun.

I will help you tap into and bring forth your best expression.

Plus, your book will actually get written. Sweet satisfaction!


Due to the time-intensive nature of book writing, and the personalized attention I give each person with whom I share this honor, I typically take on one major book project each year.

Depending on each client’s needs, the stage of their book when they come to me, and our agreed-upon scope of work, pricing can vary considerably. It’s fair to say, though, that book collaborations typically begin at $50,000. 


How great will you feel when you can hold your very own book in your hands?

Through our collaboration, you can’t help but acquire a more intimate knowledge of the subject matter of your book. You will become more self-aware and likely more qualified as a thought leader on the topic.

Plus, you can relish the huge sense of accomplishment of completing a project of this depth and scale. What a rewarding way to distill and share your hard-earned wisdom.



I offer heartfelt gratitude to Stacey Stern for working with me so skillfully and joyfully to bring Sitting in the Toolbox: Buddha’s Wisdom for a Joyful Life into the world. … Throughout our collaboration, Stacey quickly understood what I wanted to convey and was able to capture my voice and my experiences. One of the best things about Stacey is that she can deeply feel someone’s heart. I believe that means her heart is pure, genuine, and practical.”
— VENERABLE BHANTE SUJATHA, Founder and Spiritual Director, Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple

This book would not have happened without my coauthor and editor Stacey Stern. … Stacey made sure that what I wanted from this book was and is exactly what I wanted AND so much more. She is my compass. … You always hear, ‘Be careful what you wish for since it might come true.’ I wished for someone who would help me deliver something that authentically captures me. To my delight, Stacey appeared.”
JUDY HOBERMAN, Author, Walking on the Glass Floor: Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead

I hired Stacey to edit my last two books and am eternally grateful for her extraordinary guidance to go deeper, clearer, and stronger with my message. Her insightful questions encouraged me to delve further into the essence of my truth. The results added tremendous value for both my readers and me. I dubbed Stacey the ‘Evocative Editor’ because she excels at bringing out the best in writers and their writing. I look forward to working with her again.”
MARIAN HEAD, Author, Revolutionary Agreements: A Personal Path to Peace on Earth and Gratitude Journal For A Healthy Marriage

“When I hired Stacey to edit my self-publishing guide, all I expected her to do was to correct mistakes and improve the language a little. What I received was much more than that. She offered insights in the subject at hand, tips on how to improve the business model, and really made the writing come to life!”

RABBI ELIYAHU MILLER, Publisher and General Editor, JewishSelfPublishing

An abundance of gratitude to my editor and mentor Stacey Stern for believing in me and for taking on my memoir in its infancy. Stacey, you turned my dream into a reality, and I am forever grateful.  
JENNIFER BURMAN, Author, A Widow’s Walk: Life Before and After My Husband Went to Prison