editor & ghostwriter

specializing in nonfiction books, including memoir

I coauthor, ghostwrite, and edit books about personal growth and professional development. Subject matter expertise includes leadership, workplace culture, emotional intelligence, women’s issues, health, psychology, relationships, communication, mindfulness, spirituality, and social action.

ghostwriter and coauthor of books

I am highly selective about ghostwriting and collaborative writing book projects, taking on just one or two a year. I work closely with each author to map out, research, develop, collaboratively write, and edit the book of their dreams. And, I provide customized publishing and marketing consultation and coordination.


For authors who already have a draft manuscript, I provide comprehensive book consulting and editorial services. With thirty years in the field, I am a highly experienced and compassionate editor. I meet you where you are. Perhaps you have a partial or entire draft manuscript that you do not know how to move forward. Is it worthwhile to invest the time and resources to turn it into a book? If not, what else might you do with it? In the rapidly changing world of publishing, I can help you better understand your options regarding self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, or going the e-book vs. the print book route.

You may opt for all or modified versions of the following editorial offerings:

editorial assessment

I do a general overview of your manuscript and provide constructive comments. I identify your book’s strengths and areas for improvement. Rather than a full manuscript edit, this is a preliminary diagnostic tool to inform your next steps.

developmental edit

While an editorial assessment jumpstarts the process, it is not a prerequisite. If you are ready to dive in with a full manuscript edit, we can start here. I do a comprehensive, high-level review of your manuscript assessing structure and flow. Do you know your “hook”? How well do your chapters hang together? What material “drags,” is repetitive or tangential, and could be condensed or eliminated? Are the themes fully developed? Is anything missing? Are your content and tone aligned with and relatable to your target audience? Is the conclusion satisfying? I provide feedback and guidance on all of the above and more.

content edit

I review your manuscript line by line. Blending copyediting and line editing, I evaluate your writing for meaning, clarity, depth, voice, diction (word choice), and flow. I also correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your text is further refined and tightened at this stage. Additional questions likely will emerge as we look more carefully and thoughtfully at specific references and passages. To nurture the evolution of your book, we will flow our work back and forth. For example, I will send you my edits to Chapter Two via Track Changes for your review and input, while I move on to Chapter Three. Then we swap chapters. You regularly will see and respond to my notes and vice versa. This is a far more collaborative, responsive process than if I were to do a full content edit in a vacuum and present it to you as a fait accompli.

quality review

As we flow sections back and forth, I smoothly incorporate your notes and revisions. This is an interactive, collaborative process. Once we have a completed draft manuscript, I review it again from start to finish to catch and remedy errors and inconsistencies.

I edit in accordance with the industry-standard Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition while also honoring the unique DNA of your book. It is important that your book is proofread prior to, as well as after, it has been formatted. Engaging another pair of eyes helps ensure that stray typos and errors inadvertently introduced during formatting can be corrected before your book is released to the world.

beyond books

Using my signature style, expertise, and efficacy, I also edit websites, blogs, speeches, marketing materials, articles, proposals, reports, white papers, and more in conjunction with my work as a communication consultant, business identity coach, and author coach.