According to my guest Evelyn Resh CNM, MPH, “Our libido depends on an alert and fully engaged sensual life … All six of our senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and intuition—need regular attention and activation. Reverence for regular, mindful, satisfying sensual experiences—not matrimonial or relational obligation—will lead the way for us to more comfortably access the life-force energy we call sexual intimacy.” We will explore what it means to live a pleasurable and powerful life.

Evelyn is a certified sexuality counselor, nurse-midwife, and author who frequently speaks and writes about sexual health and satisfaction and mother-daughter relationships. Formerly the Director of Sexuality Programming and Counseling for the Canyon Ranch and Miraval resorts, Evelyn is working on her next book, Women, Sex, Power and Pleasure: How a Pleasurable and Powerful Life will Give You the Sex You Want.