Trained as a wildlife veterinarian and ecologist (B.Sc. Cornell, V.M.D. UPenn, M.E.S. Yale), Dr. Gary Tabor is a conservation catalyst. His career spans 28 years of conservation work throughout the world. Dr. Tabor’s notable conservation achievements include helping to establish Kibale National Park in Uganda; establishing the World Bank’s Mountain Gorilla Conservation Trust; championing the creation of the Yellowstone-to-Yukon Conservation Initiative; founding the Consortium for Conservation Medicine with EcoHealth Alliance, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine; instigating the creation of the Australia Environmental Grantmakers Association; establishing Wilburforce Foundation’s Conservation Science program and Y2Y field office in Bozeman, Montana: catalyzing the Western Governors Association wildlife corridor initiative; and cofounding Patagonia Company’s Freedom-to-Roam campaign to advance wildlife corridor conservation.