Dike Drummond Biography

Dike Drummond MD is a business coach and former physician who has helped thousands of people in all walks of life get back on the path to wholeness. As a speaker and trainer, he helps people use a midlife crisis as a shortcut to a more meaningful, passionate, and fulfilling life. Dike also is the author of “The Midlife Crisis Handbook,” which is on sale now at Amazon (see link below).

Dike’s expertise in personal change was developed through a combination of 15 years as a family practice doctor and 8 years as a business coach working with startup entrepreneurs; he has also developed his own unique, interactive guided imagery practice.

“Midlife Crisis is any situation where you ask the questions, ‘Is this all there is?’ and ‘I wonder what is next for me?’, says Dike. He has shown that these ‘crises’ can be drama-free and both powerful and positive catalysts for change.

Dike maintains that if you are asking these questions, you are being called to a life of greater meaning and joy. You can learn how to create a Functional Midlife Crisis and use it as a major shortcut to living the life of your dreams … now!

His experiences with his own midlife crises – the transition from a successful medical practice to starting his own company at age 40 and his divorce after 24 years of marriage – lead him to create the 3-Hour Midlife Crisis Community, Support Materials, and the 3-Hour Midlife Crisis Training Experience.

For six years, Dike was the Chief Operating Officer for Superteams, teaching leadership and facilitation skills to the US Military. He was also a trainer for T. Harv Eker and the Peak Potentials system, speaking internationally before crowds of up to 2,000 people.

Dike’s intention is to give everyone the tools and support to dust off your dreams and start living them today.

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