Charity Beck Biography

I guess you could say that I’m a natural humanitarian. I’ve always loved people and found beauty in all things, and one of my lifelong dreams has been to be a philanthropist. I always thought I’d have to be wealthy to be a philanthropist. I was wrong. I now realize that every time I help someone – whether it’s assisting with meal preparation at a local soup kitchen or supporting the cleanup and rebuilding effort in an area devastated by a hurricane – I am a philanthropist. Check any dictionary, and you will find that one of the definitions of philanthropy is “the giving of necessities.” I am thoroughly convinced that kindness and good deeds are necessities, and it is this belief that led me to embark on an amazing journey – the creation of Positive Impact magazine.

My childhood friend Jen Hellman and I are the creators & publishers of Positive Impact Magazine, and we are proud to be seeing the fruition of our dreams in this magazine and our Web site. Jen and I share a joint conviction that grace and compassion seem to be disappearing from our society, and we want to do our part to change that. Rather than dwelling on problems, we want to focus on the solutions that truly selfless individuals have found.

Let us show you the stories and people who have the courage and drive to unselfishly give from their hearts for the benefit of others. Turn to us as your source for the who, what, where, when, why and how of actions that bring positive improvement to our global society. We’ll share with you how famous individuals, ordinary people and even children are making positive impacts. Our hope is that their stories will be the fuel that energizes you to live your life with kindness and a positive attitude. Together we can reinforce the positive. And don’t ever forget that even the smallest act of kindness can make you a philanthropist too.

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