Dr. Brian Luke Seaward Biography

Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. is a renowned and respected international expert in the fields of stress management, mind-body-spirit healing, and health promotion. Additionally, he is an award-winning author, photographer, teacher, celebrated film director/producer, and much sought after inspirational speaker. His mission, as expressed through his legacy of acclaimed books and public appearances, is to make this a better world in which to live by having each of us reach our highest potential. He has an ear for truth, an eye for beauty, and a mind for wisdom.

The wisdom of Brian Luke Seaward can be found quoted in PBS specials, college graduation speeches, medical seminars, boardroom meetings, church sermons, and keynote addresses all over the world. He is respected throughout the international community as an accomplished teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, author, visionary, and mentor.

Currently, Luke serves as the executive director of the Paramount Wellness Institute in Boulder, Colorado. His corporate clients include Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Conoco Oil, Motorola, Quaker Oats, John Deere, BP-Amoco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Maxtor-Seagate, Organic Valley Dairy, the US ARMY, and many others. Former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden says, “Luke’s words have touched my life profoundly and helped me to find grace and dignity, the patience and compassion needed to navigate my ever-changing course. They have helped me understand that it is the way I choose to see the world that I will create the world I see.”

Luke has been described as “A rare jewel in the crown of health promotion.” His colleagues say this about him: “Luke has the unique gift of synthesizing and sharing information in a way that enlightens you and leaves you wanting to know more.” It’s been said several times that Brian Luke Seaward looks like James Taylor, dresses like Indiana Jones, and writes like Mark Twain. In the role of traveler, visionary, mystic, healer and mentor, Luke has created a legacy in the field of wellness and health promotion for all to share. Luke can be contacted at www.Brianlukeseaward.net.

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