BraveHeart Women

I was invited by Braveheart Women — a global community of more than 400,000 women that encourages connection, expression, and prosperity — to write a chapter for their book Purpose and Prosperity Revealed. The book is a collection of personal, inspiring stories by women for women.

Here is a brief excerpt from the book’s introduction by Braveheart Women founder Ellie Drake, “Within the chapters of this book, Braveheart Women visionaries and leaders are expressing their individual and collaborative vision, allowing them to see and be seen. By expressing her own vision, each author is empowered “within,” reaching deep inside herself to tell her own authentic story and identify the lessons she has learned. She also empowers “between” as she shares her story and her specialized knowledge in lessons that serve as a template of success for each of us. Each woman who has contributed to this book becomes a beacon of light to show us the way and to inspire us to Be. Create. Collaborate.”

I am pleased to offer this book to you at the discounted rate of $24.95 $10 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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